About Us


MFJ Creative Studios was established and operated by one web developer. During that time, only website development, virus removal, and computer repair services were provided. Now the company offers a full suite of digital and print marketing, and computer support services tailored to fit client needs. We offer these services to many industries throughout the United States.

MFJ Creative Studios is owned by Michael Fagin. He received his Master of Engineering degree in Information Engineering and Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (2018) and Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Information Sciences from Miles College (2016). Mr. Fagin has over 8+ years of experience in the technology industry installing and repairing computer hardware and software, creating content for flyers, teaching classes, and building websites.

Our Mission

Our mission is to mission to connect, inform, and inspire people and organizations for the betterment of a global environment.

Our Vision

To become the leading provider of digital marketing and computer support services for businesses, suitable anywhere in the world.